Bar D Chuckwagon Dinner/Entertainment Ticket - Pre-purchase required! - ONLINE SOLD OUT! MAY BE AVAILABLE ON SITE!

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Bar D Chuckwagon Meal *
Bar D Chuckwagon available meals

- One (1) Ticket to the Bar D Chuckwagon.  Choose between (1) Beef or Chicken dinner for $28, (2) Beef with Chicken dinner for $32, or (3) a Rib Eye Steak dinner ($40).  Dinners come with potato, oven baked beans, homemade biscuits with honey and butter, applesauce, home baked spice cake, cowboy coffee, and real lemonade.  The Bar D Chuckwagon cowboy dinner and country music / comedy show is fun for the whole family.  We will have special group seating and secured motorcycle parking.  Located 45 minutes from the Sky Ute Casino Resort, or 20 minutes north of downtown Durango.  The "Free Ticket" is required for us to determine how many riders are attending and motorcycle parking spaces needed.  Roads and parking lot are paved.  

*Cost depends on the meal chosen

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